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HEY LADY! These sassy dangles are for YOU!


I know the struggle of wanting to feel comfortable in your own skin when you've got a million things to do. Whether you're a new mama that's struggling to feel beautiful when you haven't even showered this week or a fellow infertility warrior bouncing between appointments- let us boost your spirits!


No matter where you are on your journey, we're here to give you the boost of encouragement and positivity that you need when you need it the most! 


Our Stud 3 Pk. earrings are inspired by our children's book You Were Worth the Wait and fully designed by Plum Poppy Desgins. Perfect for a soft and delicate look that can be worn for any occasion. Comes with three stud designs- green leaves, glitter speckled hearts, and red flowers. 


You Were Worth the Wait- Pair of Dangles

SKU: 02
  • These unique dangles are sure to brighten your spirits as soon as you put them on! Easy and lightweight on your ears, these are sure to give you the confidence boost you need- no matter what your day may bring! 

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